News in the Wasteland

Hello again from the wastes! Worry not, we're far from dead, just working vigilantly behind the scenes and playing wasteland themed slots at this Australian source. The first few builds have been run, and a number of components are coming together nicely. Today I bring to you a treat for the eyes-- behold the fun that the half-life 2 source engine allows for our post-apocalyptic marauding!

We are currently seeking world and character modellers to join our ranks. If you're interested, shoot me an e-mail with some goodies to look through, and we'll see about bringing you onto the battlewagon of the wasteland!

The concept locales section has been updated with even more goodies for the background work that we've been pumping out. As should be quite visible from these pieces, we're taking great lengths and care to make sure that every environment and tidbit of immersion is top notch.


Media has been updated so that you may take a gander at some of the behind the scenes efforts for Wasteland Half-life 2's mapping; look to the Locales section for visual goodness. Two of the polished and ready weapons are also up in the armory section, the Desert Eagle and Revolver. With each spread of the arsenal, from side-arms to melee to rifles and heavy weaponry, each firearm is a tool suited for different circumstances and occaisions-- and the key will be to master yours in each in turn.

We have compiled our initial work builds, and can happily report that the WHL2 ball is rolling well- expect some fantastic in-game appetite-whetting screenshots in the near future, and as always, keep your eyes peeled on our forums for advanced insight into goodies we've got to display.

-Gaist Heidegger


The site is up and running, both behind the scenes and before them, and the first chapter of the story is now up. You can access this via the buttons on the PDA to the left. If you're here, you're probably interested in the nitty gritty details of round two for Wasteland Half-life--- so I'll share some with you to whett your appetite.

Our first order of business and plan is to bring to Half-Life 2 solid and intense deathmatch, the core of our first swing at the mod, and release it in a relatively short time-span. We already have a considerable leg up on this task, and far prior to this site becoming public for your perusal, we'd been hard at work hammering out the vehicle for your wasteland firefights. This initial release could partially be considered WHL: Source, as one way of looking at it, though new additions have been made to the arsenal and cast for such, and the maps included are being done from the ground up- both new locales and a return of old favorites.

We are excited about the prospects of working with steam in conjunction with our plans for content release, and with this engine can conceivably provide new weaponry, gear, and gameplay on a regular basis to those playing. Our team is fast at work forging a path into the exciting new potential of the engine, and the results are simply fantastic. To say the least, I have no doubt you'll be drooling once you see some of the stuff we're pulling off with source.

A subject many are concerned about, and had been with Wasteland on the first half-life, is teamplay. You can rest assured that it will verymuch happen, and soon, this time around. We like to keep a good number of things a surprise, but I will say that gang warfare is in the official design doc, with territory/resource control through the course of a number of maps, some interconnected. We are also investigating the potential for persistance for a player between servers-- statistics, notoriety, and soforth, via tools we are working on as well.

There are many ambitions, and we are confident in all of them. The team is quite organized, motivated, and eager to bring to all of you fans of the post apocalyptic genre, be your favorite Fallout, Mad Max, or even Rutger Hauer material- the envigorating carnage and fun as before, and many new forms of play, all to provide many means of enjoying the setting we're endeavoring to make that much more immersive this time around.

I encourage you to pop into the forums, or feel free to e-mail me, with any questions, ponderments and soforth. It's going to be a fun ride- and it's going to come together sooner then you think!

-Gaist Heidegger


Ladies, gentlemen, it's been a long long time since we've had a little sit-together as we do now. Welcome, to say the least, to the rebirth of an old familiar shack on this desert of a net of ours-- we've come again to bring you the carnage, chaos, and spoils of post-apocalyptic strife.

To some of you, this is a burst of nostalgia and excitement-- to others, this may well be your first time joining us; but in either instance, the gunmen ride again, and so too does Wasteland Half-Life, now in round two. In the next week or two we'll be rapidly ramping up the content on the site itself, but know in the meantime that we've already got an awesome head-start on this beautiful little monster, and with the power of the source engine beneath our reigns we can finally do those things we never could have hoped to accomplish with our ambitions for the first rendition of half-life.

In these years that have passed, some of us have gone for good, but those whom you see now have returned in full force, each unto themselves strengthened and all the more skillfull from four years of experience and practice. Make no mistake folks-- we've pulled off the considerable feat of releasing a mod before, and we're going to do it again. Stick around, set yourself up a home on the forums, and hold tight-- it's going to be a wild ride.

-Gaist Heidegger